Traditional Food From Madiun

Pecel is traditional food from Madiun. The main ingredient pecel is peanut, and cayenne pepper and mixed with other ingredients like a lime leaves, garlic, tamarind, pepper, and salt. 

Pecel can be served with many vegetables with dishes is a dent. Dent consists of two kinds of dent, it is anchovy dent and peanuts dent. The presentation can with the plate or with a folded banana leaf and called "Pincuk". But the most delicious pecel rice with a banana leaf, because the banana leaf is one natural flavor concentrates.

Pecel rice most delicious served at breakfast and dinner with a glass of hot tea at morning and ice tea at night. 

In madiun, many stall pecel rice. Including the stall famous is such as Stall Pecel Rice "Mbokne Gito", Stall Pecel Rice "Mbok Wo", Stall Pecel Rice "Mbok Gembrot", and much more.

Ryan Maresta Hadi 


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